About Us

Apex Transit & Logistics brings over 35 years of combined experience in asset-based trucking and logistics services. We offer a consultative approach that is tailored to help our clients assess the areas of their supply chain that needs improvement.

About Us

Apex Transit & Logistics brings over 35 years of combined experience in asset-based trucking and logistics services. We offer a consultative approach that is tailored to help our clients assess the areas of their supply chain that needs improvement.

Apex Transit is a small family owned company that began as a dream of two brothers from Charlotte, NC, Stan and Serge Ivanov. After years of exposure to the transportation industry, they saw an opportunity to grow in the transportation industry and make an impact on the community. Stan and Serge both obtained a Commercial Driver’s License and learned firsthand what it is like to be out on the road. During hauls, they were exposed to the challenges that both drivers and shippers encounter daily and were able to see what worked and what did not. Through these personal experiences, the Ivanov brothers developed a vision for a transportation company that focuses on developing consistent relationships. Their goal was to create a company that not only addressed the needs of customers, but one that added stability to its valued drivers as well. Through persistent hard work and dedication Apex Transit has been able to forge long-term connections with customers and provide consistency that they can count on each week. Apex takes great pride in what they do and are excited for the opportunity to share its mission through action.

At Apex Transit, we truly are a family-oriented business. Marina Ivanov, Stan’s wife, joined the team a year in and oversees the operations department. Marina brings customer service experience and unique perspective to a male dominated industry. With a strong desire to constantly improve and grow the business, Marina is always learning how Apex Transit can benefit its customers. Marina is on the board of North Carolina Trucking Association (NCTA) Women in Trucking Summit and is actively involved in promoting a safe and sustainable trucking industry for all. Apex Transit is an active member of the American Trucking Association, the leading advocate for the industry.

Our Team

At Apex Transit we know we would not be where we are without the help of our dedicated and professional team. The majority of our office staff has firsthand CDL driving experience, giving them invaluable knowledge that helps with decision making for our drivers and customers. They understand challenges drivers face and provide realistic expectations for deliveries. Our drivers follow an open-door policy of communication, valuing transparency and honesty. We know that respect and understanding can go a long way in this industry and value the relationships we earn.

What We Offer

Apex Transit is an asset-based transportation provider in the Southeast and Texas specializing in dry van freight transport between the Carolina’s and Southern TX. Focusing on one lane at a time allows us to perfect the route and establish long term relationships with our drivers and customers. In addition to our expertise as an asset-based truckload and volume LTL carrier, we offer services in third-party logistics. At first glance, working with a 3PL may seem daunting to small and medium-sized shippers, but what becomes evident very quickly is that a 3PL can actually simplify shipping by applying the most cost-effective methods for your company’s particular shipping needs. As needs evolve and change (and with growth, they often do), your company will enjoy the benefit of ever-evolving modernized methods that anticipate each new transportation function you may require.

We purchase only the newest, top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that our customer’s freight is always in reliable hands. With a full-time mechanic and onsite shop, we guarantee that each one of our trucks is the safest and most dependable truck on the road. We care about our customer’s freight that is why we only have the newest Hyundai Dry Van trailers. These are paper spec’d trailers with an air-ride inflation system and disc brakes to ensure that your freight is securely intact. Our trailers are equipped with individual tracking devices that know where your freight is at all times.

Cross Docking and Warehousing

Apex Transit offers warehousing solutions for our customers in need of temporary or overflow storage. The central location between two major Charlotte freeways, I-77 and I-85 allows for easy access and an opportunity for cross-docking. Our warehouse located close to the heart of Charlotte has a large gated and securely monitored yard that can be used for short or long-term trailer storage.

Apex Transit’s second location in Laredo, TX allows us to pick up freight on demand by utilizing extra trailers and local drivers. We also offer warehousing services for our customers that need secure storage and cross-docking in Laredo, TX. A dedicated team of local drivers ensure that your freight will always be picked up in case the long-haul driver gets delayed. We understand that your freight needs to arrive when needed, so we take every measure possible to account for all things that can go awry on the road.